Explosion - Proof Camera Illustration

Explosion - proof camera illustration
First, the concept
Belong to the explosion-proof monitoring products, explosion-proof industry with the monitoring industry is a cross product, because in a high-risk flammable, explosive site can not use conventional camera products,
only have an explosion-proof function and authorised by the state with certification,then can be called an explosion-proof camera.

Second, the application of explosion proof cctv
In the oil, chemical, coal and scientific research, military and many other enterprises or research departments, in the experiment, production, processing, transportation,storage and so on,
It is often possible to leak and overflow a variety of flammable, explosive gases, liquids and a variety of dust and fiber, when the substances mixed with air, will become prone to explosive danger of the mixture,
The place near it has become a different degree of explosion hazard, and the concentration of explosive mixtures may continue to rise. When the concentration of explosive material reaches the critical point of explosion,
Once the explosion caused by the source of spark, arc and high temperature will have an explosion, fire and other serious accidents, resulting in casualties and property damage. In order to achieve in the flammable and explosive environment in the application of monitoring, explosion-proof camera will emerge as the times require.
Third, the manufacturing process
At present, the international mainstream of explosion-proof cameras is flameproof. Which is characterized in that a conventional conventional video camera is placed in a special case,
The enclosure has the effect of isolating the spark and arc generated by the electrical components in the shell from the explosive mixture outside the shell and capable of withstanding the spark of the electrical mixture entering the shell by the spark of the electrical equipment in the shell, the explosion pressure generated when the arc is detonated,
And the shell is not destroyed, will not cause the explosive mixture outside the shell burning and explosion. This is a flameproof shell of the camera is "explosion-proof explosion-proof camera", and this special shell called "flameproof shell"
We usually call it "blast shield". In other words, the explosion-proof explosion-proof camera that is "explosion-proof protective cover" + ordinary camera + lens.
For the explosion-proof camera, the explosion-proof effect is mainly explosion-proof shell, as long as the size of the appropriate, the project is free to choose the built-in camera, lens, while the cost is reduced.
For future maintenance, but also benefit a lot, turn off the power to open the cover out of the camera, the lens. Explosion-proof housing can be inside the body of the electrical parts of the spark and arc and shell explosive mixture away from the shell,
And can withstand the explosive mixture into the shell by the shell of the electrical spark and arc detonated explosion pressure, while preventing shell explosives to the outside world.

Therefore, the explosion-proof camera shell shock resistance and sealing are much higher than the riot camera.

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