Analysis on the Function of Explosion proof Camera housing

Explosion proof camera housing is used to separate the internal components and external environment , Main purpose is to prevent the internal devices when the fire or explosion endangering the environment outside the shield, because the explosion proof cameras are usually installed in the hazardous environment like flammable and explosive, any potential sparks or high temperatures will make the surrounding environment in extreme danger. This requires the products of manufacturers not only to be able to bear the destruction of external forces, but also to  control the high heat generated when the gas combustion inside the camera, as well as bearing the impact of the internal gas combustion produces energy. How to improve the explosion-proof capacity of camera housing, it’s not only the problem of factory  has always attaches great importance to,It’s also the problem of project contractor and user focus on.
Here , we will analyze the explosion-proof camera function from the following aspect:

ex camera infrared light
Material: mainly,the explosion proof camera are made from Q235 steel or stainless steel (304 or 316), the thickness of the material should be larger than 4mm; for the treatment of the explosion-proof surface requirements higher, the edge of screw hole to the hole should larger than 4mm; because the plastic is easy to take static electricity, even the use of polycarbonate (PC) / polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) engineering plastics (acrylic) will also have a certain amount of static electricity. Therefore, in the transparent shell, in order to avoid the Security incidents from the static electricity, the windows need to use tempered glass, according to the explosion requirements, There are strict standard limit on the window area and thickness ,now Although the development and application of high speed dome are very mature,but it is rarely used in the field of explosion , the reason is that the enclosure of Dome is made of engineering plastics ,it is unqualified , if the material is tempered glass, then the high speed dome will have a larger application in the field of explosion proof.

Anti-corrosion: the steel shield has a certain anti-corrosion ability.There are many types of explosion proof cameras, and there are different types of transformation methods,
The technology of explosion proof cameras have experienced from the intrinsically safe form, to today's Ex d form,it has developed for a 30 years history, At present, there are explosion proof form of Ex (D) ,Ex (E), intrinsically safe (IA), intrinsically safe (IB), positive pressure (P), oil-filled (O), sand-filled (Q), no spark (N) (M), airtight type (H), special type (S), dust explosion-proof type (DIP), the mainstream explosion proof form compared to other explosion-proof form in the process of difficulty and mass production has a great Advantages,so the current domestic mainstream explosion-proof camera is Ex d. General class II places (chemical plants, oil and gas stations with electrical equipment) in the form of flameproof fully meet the demand, only in the coal and other safety factors require relatively high class Ⅰ occasions (coal, underground electrical equipment) will be applied Intrinsically safe combination model;
Heat dissipation: some experts pointed out: "Explosion-proof products on their work in the process of their own heating has strict requirements, the transformation process, the improvement of the heat is the biggest problem, after the transformation of the product itself does not heat or heat does not exceed the limit value to use, Otherwise it does not meet the explosion requirements. "Selection of steel materials, the cooling has played a positive role, but this is not enough, need to achieve the overall cooling equipment, such as DVR in the transformation, power, hard disk heat treatment comparison Tricky, the hard drive, the power part of the heat through the bottom plate out, and then connected to the shell with aluminum: chip cooling can also use this program. Aluminum and the shell of the direct thermal conduction method due to contact tightness is not enough, easy to cause poor heat, you can then use thermal grease filled in the aluminum and the shell between the two in full contact to ensure good heat dissipation; The fan can only be achieved within the device temperature uniformity, only play a local cooling function, can not achieve the nature of the thermal / cooling purposes, it is not recommended in the equipment to add cooling fan.
Explosion protection shield to play a good role, but also rely on the effective cooperation of other devices, explosion-proof camera function of each component are closely linked, and only every part of the work done, so that the explosion-proof camera can do The real sense of the explosion.

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