What is the proof electrical?

Proof electrical divided into: proof lighting, explosion-proof electrical explosion-proof fittings, explosion-proof electrical, dust explosion-proof electrical, stainless steel explosion-proof electrical appliances.

Generally speaking, explosion-proof electrical equipment refers to a class of electrical explosion hazard exists gases and vapors farms. Chemical production often encounter a variety of dangerous explosive gases and vapors, these media in place, in accordance with the relevant norms, standards and regulations, the correct selection of the appropriate proof electrical equipment, is to ensure the safe production to prevent explosions and fires important measures. Divided by type flameproof, increased safety, intrinsically safe, positive pressure, oil-filled, filling sand, non-sparking, a special type. The main varieties are explosion-proof switch and blade switch, explosion-proof air automatic switch, factory-proof magnetic starter, explosion-proof control button, explosion-proof operation column, explosion-proof limit switch, explosion-proof plug, explosion-proof junction box, explosion-proof junction box, explosion-proof fittings and sealing materials , explosion-proof solenoid and solenoid valve.

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