About us

JIANGSU SAKIA TEC LIMITED is a leading manufacturer of
explosion proof cctv cameras for industry, SAKIA produce:

*Explosion Proof PTZ Camera                               *Explosion Proof Camera Housing Fixed
*Explosion Proof Camera Dome                             *Explosion Proof Camera Mini
*Explosion Proof Camera Junction Box                   *Explosion Proof Camera Accessories

From 2010,SAKIA established from 8 people,now we have 12 R&D engineers
and 120 employees,we can supply EX-proof camera and camera housing with OEM
and ODM. Our products are used in more than 40 countries, and have been used to
secure various security applications around the world.

We had passed following Certifications: ISO9001, CNEX, ATEX, MA, QS, IQNET
Wish our efforts can provide you with the most satisfying service, Let’s build long-term
cooperative relationship to advance hand in hand and create the brilliant future together!


 Contact Us

Contact: Jesse

Phone: 0086-13401502425

Tel: 0086-519-85510026

E-mail: info@exproofcctv.cn

Add: Qinjiang Road, Xinbei Industrial Zone, Changzhou,JiangSu,China

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